Like many other photographers, I don't earn my money with photography. I lead a software team in a Measurement Technology company.

I bought my first SLR camera as a teenager in 1976. With the help of a book I learned everything important about photography. At that time I photographed many different things - people - animals - objects - events - landscapes. In the following years the hobby photography fell asleep again and again for some years, but woke up again and again. There was always a new camera and new enthusiasm for photography.

In 2010, as a member of the change steering team of our company, I took a course "Dealing with Change". Since the course was primarily for people who wanted or needed to make a very specific change, I had to come up with a change project for the course. For many years I had wanted to make a picture book with three pictures of each person - "how I am seen" - "how I am" - "how I would like to be". I had chosen the realization of this picture book as my concrete change project.

During the course, the question came up how I would know that I had reached my goal. My answer was: "When I have made the first triple image of a person. Then the rest is just hard work."

Actually, I had no intention of implementing my "change project," but soon after I bought another digital SLR camera. A few weeks later studio flash units and a background system. Shortly after that, my wife found out that there was a room for rent nearby. And yes, this room became the home of (unfortunately, the room is no longer available since July 2021, but even without a studio of my own, shootings continue).

I approach most of the models in the S-Bahn or on the street. But also through the recommendations of the models it became more and more shootings. With each photo shoot I also learned as a photographer and gained a lot of experience.

Now you probably want to know if I have successfully completed my "change project".

Yes, I successfully completed the project in 2013. But I was wrong, the "rest" is not hard work. Except for this triple image, there is no other. Firstly, because people find it difficult to have such a picture of themselves created. And second, because you can only show "major" differences between the three pictures. Fine differences are difficult to represent.

But that doesn't matter, because the project is no longer important. Much more important is the fun of working with people and photographing them. The most beautiful thing is when people slowly gain confidence and dare to ask me if we could implement a picture, which they have always wanted to do.