A pregnant belly is probably one of the most exciting moments in a woman's life.
So, of course, would you like to remember the time of anticipation for your baby and the breathtaking change in your body with beautiful and aesthetic images?

A pregnant belly is something very personal and that should also apply to the pictures.
Therefore, we take time to create the pictures according to your wishes and ideas, whether in the studio, outdoors or at your home. From the joyful picture to the classic black and white act, in which one can clearly feel the intense emotional bond between mother and child.
Of course, we do not forget the lucky dad - he should be part of the photos. Of course, you can also bring another companion to the photo shoot.
The best time for a pregnant belly photo shoot is around the 36th pregnancy week when the belly is most beautiful. Since sometimes it can be very difficult to find an appointment, you should arrange the appointment for the shooting in time.
About the costs.
Since I have no financial interests, I do not have to submit to economic constraints. I therefore work on TfP basis (Time for Print). Photographer and model invest the time and get both the rights to the pictures. But since pregnant belly photos are something very personal, you can decide all by yourself if and which photos I can use on my website. You will get at least 20 pictures (usually there are some more) for download. Then you decide whether or which images I may use. No matter how you decide, the pregnancy photo shoot is absolutely free for you.
Let yourself be inspired by the pictures on my website, and if you feel comfortable, you should make an appointment for your very own pregnancy photo shoot.
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